BPRI Code of Ethics

The Behavioral Plasticity Research Institute (BPRI) aims to be a research institute that conducts and communicates research in accordance with the highest scientific, professional, and ethical standards and in a manner that fosters mutual respect and enhances the reputation of all of its members and trainees.

As a member of the BPRI, I subscribe to the following principles.

When performing research activities, I shall: 

  • Conduct, manage, judge, and report scientific research objectively, honestly, and thoroughly. 
  • Be honest and realistic in stating claims or estimates based on available data and understand the limitations of my knowledge. 
  • Use appropriate diligence in preserving and maintaining documentation, such as original data records, so that others may reproduce results. 
  • Acknowledge all conflicts of interest and not knowingly engage in activities where a conflict of interest impedes my ability to act in an objective, honest, and ethical manner. 
  • Recognize past and present contributors to my research and not accept or assume credit for another’s accomplishments. 
  • Properly reference and acknowledge past work and accomplishments of my colleagues and others in the scientific community. 
  • Take responsibility for safety and the impacts of my research on the environment and human and animal subjects.

    When communicating research, I shall: 

    • Claim authorship in a work only if I have made a significant intellectual contribution as part of conception, design, data collection, data analysis, or interpretation and made significant contributions to the scientific communication’s preparation. 
    • Claim authorship only if I am willing to be held responsible for the validity and interpretation of data from my contributions and for the conclusions as presented. 
    • Ensure that co-authors on publications have the opportunity to review and comment on the scientific communications prior to their release. 
    • Accurately describe research methodology and data processing in all research products, including clear traceability of all figures and images to original data.

    When dealing with others, I shall:

    • Be honest, professional, and respectful in my interactions with students, colleagues, staff, supervisors, sponsors, reviewers, editors, and the public. 
    • Support diversity by providing an environment in which the ideas of all are evaluated equally, regardless of individual characteristics, on the basis of evidence. 
    • Be inclusive by creating a culture of openness, recognizing and addressing unconscious bias, and not tolerating any forms of discrimination, harassment, and exclusionary behavior. 
    • Resolve disagreements and differing views constructively and respectfully. 
    • Welcome constructive criticism of my personal scientific research and offer the same to my colleagues in a manner that fosters mutual respect and objective scientific debate.