Genomic Resources

1. All six Schistocerca genomes have been submitted to NCBI and annotated. These assemblies are available at NCBI:

BPRI Schistocerca genome BioProject:

Schistocerca gregaria (Desert locust):

Schistocerca piceifrons (Central American locust):

Schistocerca cancellata (South American locust):

Schistocerca americana (American bird grasshopper):

Schistocerca serialis cubense (Cuban bird grasshopper):

Schistocerca nitens (Gray bird grasshopper) :

2. The genome browsers for all six Schistocerca species are available at USDA’s i5k Workspace@NAL:

Schistocerca gregaria:

Schistocerca piceifrons:

Schistocerca cancellata:

Schistocerca americana:

Schistocerca serialis cubense:

Schistocerca nitens:

3. Hi-C data and contact maps for five Schistocerca species are available here, at DNA Zoo:

Schistocerca piceifrons:

Schistocerca cancellata:

Schistocerca americana:

Schistocerca serialis cubense:

Schistocerca nitens:

4. JBrowse/Apollo genome browsers for six Schistocerca species are available here:

Schistocerca gregaria

Schistocerca piceifrons:

Schistocerca cancellata

Schistocerca americana

Schistocerca serialis cubense

Schistocerca nitens:

5. Other genomic resources:

i5k Workspace@NAL Organsim pages – you can find them by browsing


Data downloads, including functional annotations:

Apollo registration:

JBrowse/Apollo – you can find them by browsing