Individual Development Plan

An Individual Development Plan (IDP) is a tool that is commonly used to help employees define and pursue their career goals. IDPs can help trainees at any level to assess their skills, interests, and strengths. Further, it allows the planning of skill development towards meeting career goals. One of the key benefits of an IDP is that it helps facilitate career discussions with supervisors or advisors and maintain a good working relationship. 

The BPRI focuses on integrative research training. Thus, we developed a specific IDP taking interdisciplinary training into account. During this process, we considered best practices, the extant literature, and information collected from interviews with experts.  

The following documents provide resources to get started with the BPRI IDP.  

  1. Guidance for Trainees
  1. Guidance for Mentors
  1. Goals and planning worksheet – Mentors
  1. Goals and planning worksheet – Postdoctoral Fellows
  1. Goals and planning worksheet – Graduate students

Additional guidance and motivation may be found by consulting the following two videos:

  1. IDP: A guide towards transforming a burdening process into a rewarding one.
  2. What does the literature tell us about IDPs?