Diversity & Inclusion Statement

Vision Statement

The vision of the BPRI is predicated on integration through collaboration. The BPRI recognizes that the scientific and societal impacts of this approach increase when people of different backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities come together to work towards shared goals and the common good. This philosophy will inform all BPRI committees and activities.

BPRI Diversity and Inclusion Goals

The BPRI is committed to recruiting a diverse and talented group of trainees.  Rich diversity across our intellectual disciplines will promote creativity and collaboration that can only be accomplished through a wide breadth of perspectives.

The BPRI seeks to cultivate a positive climate, actively training personnel on topics related to diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice.

The BPRI will sustain the advantages of diversity and inclusion by focusing on equity, seeking evidence that all perspectives are valued, and each member of our team is elevated to their fullest potential.  This focus will honor our commitment to diversity and inclusion to ensure that we continue to attract individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Meet the BPRI’s Diversity and Inclusion Board.