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BPRI Crash Courses:

To increase integration across different subdisciplines within biology, BPRI has initiated a “Crash Course” series. We have invited PIs and other researchers associated with the BPRI to give a 101-style lecture on relevant topics. The recordings of these lectures are available below.

Locust Behavior: Dr. Greg Sword (Texas A&M University) (August 18, 2022)

Physiology and Nutrition of Locusts: Dr. Spencer Behmer (Texas A&M University) (September 29, 2022)

Locust Field Nutritional Ecology: Dr. Marion Le Gall (Arizona State University) (November 3, 2022)

Interrogating Genome Folding Through Space and Time Using HI-C: Dr. Erez Lieberman Aiden (Baylor College of Medicine) (December 8, 2022)

How to Assemble Genome: Dr. Olga Dudchenko (Baylor College of Medicine) (January 24, 2023)

How to Sequence an Insect Genome: Dr. Scott Geib (USDA ARS) (March 8, 2023)

Why Genome Annotation?: Dr. Stephen Richards (BCM) (August 24, 2023)